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I was born in Union New Jersey.I left when I was three and Lived in England for two months.Than I moved to texas.Oh yeah,I'm nikole.Nikole with a K.for now..
25 cent machines, aerosmith, alex mac, animals, any kind of purse, art, boat rides, bouncing souls, bratmobile, briana banks, britney spears, but i'm a cheerleader, buttons, buzzcocks, cameras, candles, cardigans, chapstick, clarissa explains it all, collective soul, coloring books, computers, cooking, crayons, crocodiles, dancing, daria, dollar store, drew barrymoore, duct tape, empire records, equality, ethan embry, eye liner, feather boas, food, full house, garbage, gay rights, gay support, getting mail, glitter, go sailor, gwar, gwen stefani, hair dye, hair gel, hair products, hand cuffs, homeade clothing, hot pink, human rights, individuality, jackass, jenna jameson, julie ruin, kids, koolaid, kurt cobain, l7, lakes, laughter, lip gloss, lipstick, liquid soap, lisa loeb, liv tyler, lunachicks, madonna, magazines, mandarin oranges, markers, marshmellows, mazzy star, misfits, music, nintendo, no doubt, queers, radiohead, rain, rainbows, ramones, red, reel big fish, ren and stimpy, riot grrrl, rocky horror picture show, romeo and juliet, save ferris, scallops, screeching weasel, shirley manson, short hair, shouting, smashing pumpkings, snakes, sparkles, spice girls, spoon bending, super nintendo, taking pictures, tegan and sara, the aquabats, the bangs, the beatles, the cure, the dictionary, the donnas, the eyeliners, the gossip, the osbournes, the petting zoo, the queers, the strokes, the vandals, the zoo, thrift stores, thunder storms, tilt, tori amos, veruca salt, wax, waynes world, wizo, women's rights